Realm Media

Please find media contributions and quotes made by Realm Investment House below.

Andrew speaks to the AFR on comments made by David Murray about the Banking Royal Commission.
Robert Camilleri from Realm Investment House comments on the timing of the Government Auction.
Rob was one of four fund managers to contribute to an article in Kanga News covering the non-bank value proposition.
Andrew Papageorgiou speaks to AB+F on the new Bendigo Bank Convertible Preference Share issuance
An interview by AB+F with Myron Ithayaraj and Andrew Papageorgiou on the impact Blockchain Technology will have on bank profits over the long term horizon
Budget 2017: Are Australia's banks on the road to nationalisation?
Realm Investment House says rising house prices are spurring risky borrowing - Australian Financial Review
Realm quoted in the Australian Financial Review on the impact of APRA measures on housing system risk
Hybrid game theory: fresh deals or rollovers?
Realm in the Media with Andrew Papageorgiou commenting on Bank hybrids deliver double-digit returns for bargain hunters.