Realm Research

Realm Investment House produces regular insight notes for clients and interested parties as well as producing detailed thematic and quarterly reports for our clients. The research and insight generally revolve around our key areas of expertise.

The article touches on the impact of the unwind in the safety bubble.
Examines the impact of central bank activity on asset manager behaviour.
This paper investigates the behaviours of the market participants in the Australian listed debt market.
Evaluation of sector participants and the peer group as a whole from an investors perspective.
Evaluates the impact of regulation on the Australian Securitisation market.
The cycle of European governments and regulators attempting to manipulate bond valuations via liquidity initiatives has failed miserably. This has been clearly illustrated by the diminishing half-life and impact of these measures on market prices...
This document looks at the term funding environment in Australia and how market structure and regulation drives pricing.
Commodities and the Australian terms of trade have been a key topic of discussion over the last week. The Australian terms of trade are primarily driven by two bulk commodities, coal and iron ore...
State Governments are being challenged by falling revenues and rising liabilities. Weakness in retail sales and changing consumer behaviour is reducing GST revenue (internet sales do not attract the GST). Is this is a paradigm shift that could lead to a p
Point forecasts of any currency are perilous to make and invariably wrong. The AUD is, as we all know, one of the toughest to get right because its price embodies so many variables, both Global and Domestic...