Robert Camilleri - Founder and Investment Manager

Robert is a financial market professional with over 15 years of market experience. He is well known and regarded in the domestic financial markets where he has held senior fund management positions. Robert has chaired and sat on a number of peak industry committees and task forces. As a Senior Manager, Credit for Aviva Investors, Robert was also a key input to the management of $3.5 billion in debt assets and liaised with the equities team on a regular basis in the management of $6 billion of assets in this sector. Robert has a strong grass roots understanding of the market, with embedded relationships across issuers, regulators and other market participants. Robert's key strength is in asset discovery and bottom up credit assessment. This has underpinned Robert's approach as a fixed income money manager.

Robert maintains a process and compliance driven approach to investment, which dictates boundaries, parameters and process for the Realm High Income Fund. Rob understands that delivering a return to investors is a process, which requires discipline and diligence. This is well complimented by a strong ground level understanding of how the credit environment functions in Australia. Over the last decade Rob has built strong relationships with issuers and regulators alike. This delivers practical and anecdotal information around how changes in the global macro and regulatory environment are impacting the domestic credit market. This real world edge coupled with the relationships that allow access and the power to execute are pivotal to Realm's High Income Fund Strategy.

Key Strengths

  • Grass roots understanding of the supply/demand dynamics of the Australian credit market.
  • Strong embedded relationships with issuers, industry groups and regulators
  • Strong process driven approach to investing, with a focus on process and compliance,
    a great builder and executor of strategy.
  • Strong quant background and extremely strong analytical skill with an emphasis on bottom up price discovery.
    Rob's ability to build systematic processes is evident in the construction of Realms stress testing methodology and the Government bond timing and conviction model.

Andrew Papageorgiou - Founder and Investment Manager

Over the last 13 years Andrew has held roles managing money across direct equities, fixed income and structured alternatives, over this time Andrew has held roles as an investment adviser and investment portfolio manager for Ord Minnett, Citi Smith Barney as well as being an integral member of the NAB family office and Macquarie Private Banks family office business. Andrew also has practical experience in managing exposure across a multitude of asset classes, which has delivered him a high level of versatility and a broad base of knowledge.

Andrew possesses a strong technical knowledge in listed debt markets. Andrew also maintains strong understanding of the macro environment and plays a key role in formulating and maintaining the macro framework of the Realm High Income Fund. Andrew is also charged with maintaining the relative value process which underpins listed and OTC unsecured security selection as well as the funds tactical positioning. Andrews ability to systematise thinking and build behaviour and risk based factor models has been a key feature in the establishment and the ongoing management of the investment strategy of the Realm High Income Fund.

Key strengths

  • Systematic thinker with the ability to construct succinct investment processes, through the use of multi layered factor based models, encompassing risk based and behavioural metrics.
  • Extremely versatile, possessing a very good base of quant skill, cash flow balance sheet analysis, macro fundamental and qualitative security knowledge.
  • Strong research lead approach to forming a view and position around process or portfolio positioning. Andrews ability to review, understand and interpret large bodies of information are a critical component of Realm's macro process.