Directors own the business, creating alignment and motivation. Our business is built on delivering client outcomes.
Experience – Breadth and depth, we are highly experienced fixed income investors.
Focused with diverse strengths, we are focused on Fixed Income Markets.
Team-oriented – Support but also robustly challenge.


Specialist Boutique – Highly focused on delivering outcomes in Fixed Income Markets for clients.
Investment led – We are not focused on gathering FUM, we are focused on outcomes.
Strong personal, client relationships that have been built over decades, our clients are our partners.


Contrarian – Mindset is aligned with market behaviour.
Opportunistic – React to market structure changes and liquidity flows in fixed income markets for the benefits of our clients.
Comprehensive quant tools – Informs investment judgments producing a systematic foundation for our investment decisions.


Absolute return oriented.
Capacity managed to maximise outcomes.
Risk aware.
Fair pricing for results.


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Australian FIxed INterest Category

Realm strategic INcome Fund 2018-1 Units

Best Emerging Manager 2019 WInner

Realm strategic INcome Fund 2018-1 Units

Realm High INcome FUnd

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