Realm Responsible Investment philosophy

Our approach to Responsible Investment (RI) stems from our core belief that we have a fiduciary duty and a social responsibility to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment process. We also believe that organisations can better achieve long term success when they place a greater focus on sustainable practices (in both operations and work culture) and on corporate governance.

Please click here for the Realm Responsible Investment Policy.


  • The consideration of ESG factors can uncover an additional set of risks and opportunities beyond traditional bottom-up credit research.
  • These factors can have a varying impact on investment returns over time and as such can deliver stronger risk-adjusted returns as well as preserve capital for our clients.
  • We have a responsibility to support the stable transition toward long-term objectives that aim to provide a sustainable future for all.
  • Negative Screening: we will not invest in companies exposed to the following sectors or engaged in the following activities: weapons, tobacco, animal cruelty, pornography, and human rights abuses.






Realm is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a voluntary and aspirational set of investment principles established with the objective of developing a more sustainable global financial system. As a PRI signatory we commit to report on our ESG related activities and progress towards implementing the Principles on an annual basis.


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