Realm Research

Realm Investment House produces regular insight notes for clients and interested parties as well as producing detailed thematic and quarterly reports for our clients. The research and insight generally revolve around our key areas of expertise.

Ken Liow discusses his research into the term premium seen in the US Treasury market.
For non-fixed interest investors this story hasnít had a great deal of attention, however for those of us focused on domestic credit, the TLAC development is the biggest news in some time.
Industry Funds stand to gain at least $20bn from SMSFs, within a year, if Laborís policy to deny franking refunds is implemented
We have reviewed recent commentary out of APRA and added some of our own thoughts around the current debate.
Ken Liow talks about forecasting and reactions to data, in light of recent GDP figures
Realm discusses the RMBS market outlook for 2019 in the wake of a dynamic 2018
Realm US Corporate Credit Assessment
AOFM to support public ABS/Non-Conforming RMBS issuance
T2 Capital Review October 2018
Realm AT1 Review October 2018