Who We Are

Realm Investment House is an asset management firm that has been established by an experienced team of professionals with tested investment beliefs, processes and extensive networks. Our Investment objectives and processes reflect our core values and skillset;

  • Global Macro assessment of economic policy and investment markets
  • Bottom-up Fixed income and credit portfolio management

We do not invest in markets where we cannot fully conceptualize the risk/reward trade-off. The investment strategies reflect our strengths and confidence in our investment edge. Realm is a truly independent fiduciary, where the principals own the business ensuring alignment of interest with our clients.

Realm’s fixed income products appeal to motivated individual and institutional investors. We seek to deliver the highest quality, cost efficient and scalable managed account solutions to meet the client objectives.

We offer a partnership approach with full transparency, and note the growing demand for this type of service. This involves clients in the investment process. We want our clients to understand the investments we manage on their behalf.



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